Los Angeles Earthquakes

How likely is a natural gas fire in the event of a large earthquake?

“About one in four fires after an earthquake is related to natural gas leaks.” – California Seismic Safety Commission, 2005″It is a well known and documented fact that fires following earthquakes are almost always the primary cause of property destruction.” – Davis Parsons, Los Angeles Fire Marshall

“Earthquakes in urban areas are often followed by destructive fires because (1) gas lines break, (2) electrical shorts ignite fires, (3) damaged water tanks and broken pipes limit water for firefighting, and (4) clogged roads and collapsed bridges prevent firefighter access. These factors can lead to fires spreading, causing extensive additional damage and burning entire neighborhoods. ” – US Geological Service

Gas Safety Valve Operation

  • Automatically Shuts-Off Gas When Triggered by a 5.4 Magnitude Seismic Event
  • Manual Reset Available On Both Sides
  • Endorsed By the Los Angeles Area PHCC